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Author Guidelines

Please read Simple Guidelines for Authors: Open Journal of Mathematics and Physics.

OJMP is an overlay journal based on OSF Preprints. Authors publish for free. The articles are expected to be extremely pedagogical, and it must include all steps that connect two mathematical and/or physical concept/result.

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Authors, you are very welcome to invite the reviewers for co-authoring in your paper, as a mean to increase collaboration and to foster the openness of science!

Types of Microarticles

A conjecture that connects two or more well established scientific results

An original piece of work waiting for collaborative (open) peer review

[knowledge base]
Results presented by tags | Example

Calculus/demonstration in the fewest pedagogical steps | Example

Well established scientific content, usually connecting two concepts/results, in the fewest pedagogical steps as possible | Examples

[original idea]
Original steps delineating a specific open problem | Examples

[original insight]
Contains an original insight about a well established scientific result | Examples

Presents creative ways for learning and teaching Mathematics and Physics | Examples

Addresses the full list of pre-requisites needed to understand a given mathematical theorem | Example

Sketch for an innovative scientific question 

[white paper]
open research white paper = white paper + research + open