Electromagnetic gravitational shielding to explain “dark matter”



There is only one of two possibilities: (i) either dark matter exists or dark matter does not exist. We consider one single conjecture, valid in both cases. If it doesn’t exist, then huge quantum electromagnetic interactions might account for the galaxy rotation curve. If it exists, then there might be a “dark charge” associated with dark matter. The dark charge would then be governed by an alternative “dark electromagnetic” theory, which can be totally independent or perhaps a generalization of the ordinary electromagnetism. This proposal is highly speculative and it needs both mathematical and experimental further investigation in order to be proved or disproved.


Open Quantum Collaboration

Op. J. Math. Phys.
Volume 2, Article 77, 2020 [CZ]

Dark matter and bubbles of void

[original insight]


This is a thought experiment with the following conjecture: bubbles of spacetime void alter the gravitational field of the galaxy and might explain the dark matter phenomenon.


Open Physics Collaboration

Op. J. Math. Phys.
Volume 1, Article 33, 2019 [BG]

Ordinary matter and dark energy

[original idea]


In this microarticle I suggest the application of Hawking radiation to ordinary particles. This is a thought experiment linking ordinary mass with dark energy.


Open Mathematics Collaboration

Op. J. Math. Phys.
Volume 1, Article 14, 2019 [AN]